Breathe & Relax


After a long week (Monday and Tuesday) of finishing up my portfolio, I was very grateful to wake up this morning to hear the fog horn sounding in the harbor. Rain. I love rain. I need rain. Rain calms me. Unlike most people I know who crave the sunshine, warm weather, and wearing flip flops, I would much prefer to slip into a nice rain coat, open up my umbrella, and take a stroll into town. Something about the cool air and the sound it makes soothes me.

Another thing I actually and honestly enjoy about rainy days is inside recess. I know, wild, huh? It is kind of a bummer to lose that other half an hour of my lunch period, but other things make up for it. Like the kids. Even if I’m working on something at the back of the room, I still always have an ear listening. Not an ear that is ready to reprimand, but an ear that is getting to know them better. When they are enjoying recess they are no longer being students trying to please me, the are simply being children. They are absolutely themselves for those 30 minutes, and I am thankful today that I was witness to that once again.


7 thoughts on “Breathe & Relax

  1. I agree with you Sam! Witnessing them being kids and having no expectations other than them being safe, respectful and responsible while playing. Some of the ideas/games they come up with are very creative! We need times like indoor recess to be able to sit, watch and listen to them! Kids love to share stories with us that they may not have the opportunity to tell us because we have their schedule micro managed for every minute of the day!! Thank you for highlighting why WE became teachers…the KIDS!!!

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  2. Oh, I love those moments when they are absolutely themselves! What a treat to have that insight into what makes them tick! Than you for sharing your slice!


  3. I love the rain too. As I was leaving this morning, part of me wished that I could just stay at home, enjoy my coffee, and watch the rain.

    I also love how you talk about listening to kids, too. I teach 8th grade, and so often when I stand and listen, they think I am ready to reprimand, like you say. No, I just want to hear them talk. I want to know them as people, too.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Sam this is amazing!! Your description of rain makes me actually appreciate it more. And your take on inside recess really opened my eyes to enjoy those days and take the time to enjoy the students in a different light. I love your outlook!!

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